Your Guide to Buying a New Vehicle From Nissan of Lithia Springs!

Are you in the exciting process of shopping for a new vehicle? At Nissan of Lithia Springs, we value your journey and want to address two common questions: "How long is a deal good for?" and "Can you get another vehicle from a different dealership?" We believe in providing you with the information you need to make educated decisions.

How Long Is A Deal Good For?

The lifespan of a deal can vary, influenced by several factors. Here's what you should know:

Price Lock Period

A typical deal includes a price lock period. This duration varies and is influenced by a dealership's policies. It's crucial to clarify this aspect during your negotiations.

Financing Terms

If you're securing financing, the terms of the loan are essential. Interest rates and loan approval terms may have specific timelines. Keep in touch with your finance specialist for clarity.

Vehicle Availability

The availability of the chosen vehicle can impact the deal. Some dealerships may encourage a quicker decision to secure the specific model if there's high demand.

Negotiation Dynamics

Ongoing negotiations may extend the deal timeline. Clear communication with your chosen dealership is key. If you need additional time, discuss it openly with your sales representative. At Nissan of Lithia Springs, our goal is to make your experience transparent and stress-free. Feel free to contact our team for personalized information about the duration of your specific deal!

Can You Get Another Vehicle from a Different Dealership?

Absolutely! Your satisfaction is our priority, and we understand that your needs may lead you to explore options elsewhere. However, here's why Nissan of Lithia Springs remains your best option:

No Obligation

You are under no obligation to purchase from a specific dealership until you finalize the deal by signing the paperwork. So, make sure to take the time to explore your options.

Research and Compare

Researching and comparing different makes and models is crucial. Each dealership may offer unique promotions, incentives, and customer service experiences. While exploring, keep in mind that Nissan of Lithia Springs is committed to providing an unparalleled car-buying experience.

Trade-In Considerations

If you have a trade-in, different dealerships may provide varying values. Ensure that you receive fair value for your current vehicle. At Nissan of Lithia Springs, we guarantee transparent and competitive trade-in assessments, making us a top choice. Check out our handy tool to get a quote for your trade-in.

Financing Options

Explore financing options from various sources, including banks and credit unions. Different lenders may offer varying interest rates and terms. Check out our Guide to Financing Options if you're unsure.

Contact Us To Find Your Dream Vehicle

At Nissan of Lithia Springs, we empower our customers with knowledge and choices. Whether you're considering the lifespan of a deal or exploring options at different dealerships, we are here to support you every step of the way. Contact our team for any additional information or to schedule a test drive.

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